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Comments from our Customers

Our many happy customers are our best word-of-mouth reference! Here are a few of the many positive comments we've received.

"Peter and Greg and the Team at Atlanta Volvo Service and repair have been great to work with. I have had them service twelve different vehicles - Volvos, Chevrolets, Fords, Hondas, and others -  since 1983. I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else but their shop, Atlanta Volvo Service and Repair. The expert care that Peter and Greg have provided all my cars has been superb, and their quality work is one of the significant reasons that I was able to put over 245,000 miles on my 1985 Volvo 240 station wagon and MY 1996 Volvo 960 sedan. Peter and Greg and their Team are expert mechanics who do the right things, and do things right. Thanks!"  

Michael C., Lawrenceville, GA 

"I purchased my Volvo S70 in 1998 and absolutely love it now just as much as I did the first day that I brought it home. For the first few years, I was a slave to the dealership whenever service needs arose. Soon after my warranty expired, I began searching for a service provider that was fair and reasonable. I was also searching for a place that would explain what my car needed, why it needed it, and would do so in 'layman's terms' that made sense to me. This is where Peter and Greg came into the picture. I've been a loyal customer of theirs for many years, and have never been disappointed with their commitment or their pricing. They're not just my 'Volvo Service Experts', they're friends."  

D. J.

 "When I purchased my Volvo 740 from my sister a little over a year ago, I asked her where she had always taken it for service. She owned the car for many years and had had few minor problems and never any major problems, so I knew that wherever she took the car was where I would need to continue taking it. She told me about Peter and Greg, and I have been taking the car to them ever since. My car's lack of "issues" has prompted my friends to ask me where I get it serviced and what I think of Volvo for future car purchases: quite interesting considering that my car is fifteen years old! I consistently attribute my car's "resilience" not only to the outstanding quality of Volvo vehicles in general, but most importantly to the outstanding quality of service I have always received from Peter and Greg. As a female, I have had problems in the past with car mechanics who have been less than trustworthy. I appreciate Peter and Greg because they have always kept me well-informed about my car's condition (so far, in a year and half, I have not had to have anything but oil changes done on my car!). Because of this, they have certainly earned my trust; if I ever have to have any major work done on my car, there will be no question that I'll continue having them work on it."   

Lauren U., Doraville, GA 

"Peter and Greg have been working on my Volvos for nearly 20 years. Their work has always been completely satisfactory and priced reasonably. They treat my cars as if they were their own. A better endorsement I cannot think of. It’s great to find two exceptionally competent and honest mechanics. Highly recommended."

Jim D., Duluth, Georgia

"Peter and Greg have worked on my 1992 Lexus LS 400 since I purchased it in 2000. I do a lot of traveling out of town, and I needed to be assured that my car was in top condition. I kept it clean inside and out, but Atlanta Volvo Service and Repair kept it running well. I had around 300,000 miles on the original engine and transmission when the car was recently totalled. I'm in the process of purchasing another vehicle, and Peter and Greg will do all the services and repairs on it, too. They've also done all services on my wife 1992 Mazda 929 and her 1998 Toyota Avalon. I'm very satisfied with the quality work and the competive prices I received. You guy have truly been a blessing."   

Kendall G., Stone Mountain, GA

"The quality of service at Atlanta Volvo Service and Repair, coupled with the exceptional "Customer Care" attitudes of Peter and Greg, are unmatched by any automotive service facility I have ever used. Peter and Greg own the shop, have years of Volvo service experience, perform the work themselves, and treat their customers like family. They do only the work that's needed, charge a fair price, and I've never had to bring the car back for a second time. I've recommended them to friends and family who own Volvos with no hesitation, and I trust them to do the right job the first time, every time."

Edward S.

"Peter and Greg of Atlanta Volvo Service and Repair have been taking care of my family's Volvos for more than 17 years. Our 1982 Volvo wagon lasted 19 years and 218,000 miles. We expect to achieve over 200,000 miles on our current 1997 850 (130,00 miles) and 1998 S70 (92,000 miles) in part beacuse of their fine services. Our young adult children are currently driving these vehicles. Peter and Greg are trusted automotive advisors. They have provided excellent professional service to my family in a cost-effective manner. We continue to purchase Volvos beacuse of this fine service relationship. We hope to continue this long and successful relationship into the future."

T.J.K., Peachtree Corners

Peter and Greg have been maintaining my cars for at least 8 years, and I have always found the service to be excellent, their advice invaluable, and their wisdom without compare.

Whether bringing my cars in for scheduled maintenance, evaluating an auto I might purchase, or calling them with a description of that "little noise" we are hearing, both Peter and Greg are diligent, honest and very fair in the prices they charge. Not only have my repairs and maintenance been done in a timely manner, at the costs agreed upon, but many times, they've gone that "extra mile", at little or no charge!

Further, their insight into my vehicle's condition often helps us plan for necessary service, avoiding more expensive repairs, and allowing me to PLAN for regular maintenance, without waiting until something breaks. I have no surprises, except pleasant ones, when dealing with these guys.

My cars are all Volvos: 91 245SE; 91 244 Limited; 90 244; 88 245 DL; 85 244 GL. I highly recommend Atlanta Volvo Service and Repair, for service on all makes of automobiles.

Skip S.